Learn the Dance

Anyone Can Learn!

Ines Markeljevic created these videos to help everyone learn the Thriller. With some practice the Thriller dance can be learned by anyone. The following videos break the dance into short segments that can be quickly learned. Most of the segments are repeated in the full dance so there’s less to learn than you think.

Area Dance Practice

We will be holding local area dance practices throughout the year. We should have some practice session soon. To learn when and where sessions will be held please check out our Facebook events for details.

Below is our current event list:

The Words

Most moves also have simple reminder words you can use to help remember the steps. Ines will say the words that match with each step. They are also listed below the video. Learn the words, it really helps remember the steps. On Thrill Day you can say it in your head or out loud to help remember the moves.


Putting It All Togher

Each lesson is a section of the dance. These sections are put together and sometimes repeated during the dance. Once you’ve mastered each section you can put it all together by practicing to the full dance videos. Start with the slow version and work your way up to the full speed version.

Lesson 1 - Zombie March

right, left, right, left

Lesson 2 - March Booty Swim

booty bounce and booty bounce
swim together swim jump

Lesson 3 - Shuffle Ha Slide

shuffle back hop hop forward
turn look stare stare
down ha down ha down ha down ha
down clap slide slide slide
stomp and shoulders look left
down clap slide slide slide
stomp and shoulders and prep

Lesson 4 - Hip N’ Roar

right hip right hip right hip in out
left hip left hip in and roar
walk walk roar-turn roar-turn roar-turn
walk walk roar-turn roar-turn
jump and land circle
shake-it-and-a-uppa and a
stomp stomp stomp look left
walk left right left and turn

Lesson 5 - Wuz Up

wuz up i-2-3 left right 1-2-3
right left 1-2-3 left right 1-2-3

Lesson 6 - Oh Snap Rock On

oh snap 2-3-4-5-6-7-8
jump snap 2-3-4-5-6-7-8
jump reach air guitar to the right
tick tock tick tock
rock on rock on rock on rock on
grab pull in punch punch punch down

Lesson 7 - Head N’ Shoulders

hold hold right left
head-head shoulders knees.. and toes
hold and point hold and point and point
hold and pose hold head-head
hold and hip and hands
walk left right left star down
hold 2-3-4 and pose and pose rise 2-3-4

Lesson 8 - Stomp

stomp 2-3-4-5-6 look left
walk left right 3-4-5-6-7-8
stomp 2-3-4-5-6 look left
walk left right 3-4-5-6-7-8
down 2-3-4 rise 2-3-4

Full Dance - Really Slow

Music / Words

Full Dance - Regular Speed

Music / Words