Dance FAQs

How can people learn the dance?

You can learn the dance right here on the website. Our Learn the Dance section will teach you everything you need to know.

Why do you use words? Can you do it with counts?

A dance script has been written to make it easier for dancers of all skill levels to learn. If you want to use counts, you can, but we recommend our script.

What version of the "Thriller" song should be used?

The version you need to use for your dance is the 5 minutes 58 seconds long version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” and that one only. Some CDs have slightly different lengths, so if yours is 5 minutes 57 or 59 seconds, then that is the correct one.

The choreography in the Thrill The World Teaching Videos looks different than the music video! Why is that!?

The choreography is a bit different from the music video. The Thrill The World choreography is true to the music video but the order does differ. For a Guinness World Record, participants have to dance for a minimum of 5 minutes. In terms of the actual movements we have done our very best to replicate the movements from the music video. There are only eight counts from the music video that are not in the Thrill The World version because they would not fit with the timing of the choreography. Also, one head movement on the “booty bounce” that has been omitted because we found the average person finds it challenging to maintain not only the timing with the feet and the pelvis movement but to then add a head movement where your eyeline changes…! For most people it’s too much! When you perform “Thriller” outside of your Thrill The World event feel free to add the “head down” back in if you so wish.

The only other minor adaptation we had to make was to ensure the movements evenly filled the 32 count sections of music. In order to do that, a few moves had to be repeated four times versus the original three times (“down-ha”), or eight times versus the original four times (“snap”). The most important thing for Thrill The World was to keep integrity of the choreography as true to the original as possible while also finding a balance between making it accessible for the average person to learn the dance and participate in Thrill The World.

Can anyone do this?

Pretty much, with a little practice most everyone from young to mature can learn to dance the Thriller. We recommended attending one or more local dance practice sessions as well as refining your skills at home with the dance tutorial videos.