Thrill the Burg & Thrill the World!

If you love...

  • Zombies….
  • Thriller….
  • zombie make-up….
  • to DANCE….

Then Thrill the Burg is for you!

Based in St. Petersburg, FL, Thrill the Burg invites people of all ages and abilities to learn the dance to the ‘Thriller’ and dance during the big annual event each year as we raise money to help local youth.

THIS YEAR’S ANNUAL EVENT is Saturday October 26th, 2019 at 6:00pm EST at Ferg’s Sports Bar.

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Thrill the World is more than just dancing to a 6 minute song. This is a global community project that is inspiring others to: break down barriers; connect with people of all religions, races, political and economic persuasions; contribute to helping humanity; engage in environmental stewardship; step up as leaders, visionaries and creators.


Do you love Halloween, dancing, dressing in costume, zombies? Then you should dance the Thriller at the upcoming world wide event in St. Pete, at Ferg’s. All ages and abilities are welcome. Anyone can learn the dance? Thrill the Burg will be providing dance lessons throughout the year so stay tuned.

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We’re looking for individuals who would like to get involved in this fun and exciting event. We’ll need a variety of skills including dance instructors, marketing individuals and general help leading up to, and on the day of, the event. Join a fun group of people in putting on an exciting community event that helps support local youth.

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We have a variety of business and organizational sponsorships available. Become part of a fun event that supports local youth while giving your business or organization some public exposure.

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